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You get tired of busy work tempo and also your wife and children at home feel like you with the stress of winter.

Olympos as one of the most beautiful places in our country enchant with the natural and historical beauties. This particular region, mostly preferred by young people, is also known as “hippie place”. But don’t be scared, there is no trouble about enjoying the nature and vacationing. Olympos having different accommodation facilities can easily meet the expectations of those coming from this point of view. As there are different options like bungalows and treehouses, Olympos also draws attention with the options about pensions. Olympos is well developed in terms of hostel services and its quality is extremely high.

What to do in Olympos?

Olympos is an area that offers a variety of options for its guests and those who come here have the opportunity to make a different event every day. f you prefer this region for your holiday, one day you do safari with the ATV and the other day you dive to see the beauties in the sea. You can find the important events below and the details that you can do in Olympos where gives you the chance to do different activities for every day.

Would you like to see the Caretta Caretta Closer?

Olympos beach is a place where people cannot take their eyes off. However, this place has a different feature: Caretta carettas also love this place and prefer to leave their eggs on the magnificent beach.

Caretta Caretta olympos çıralı adrasan

Caretta caretta eggs are left under the sands on the beach for about 2 months. During the time, the use of sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach is forbidden to prevent damage to the eggs. At the end of 2 months, they complete their development, hatching in an incredible way and heading straight to the sea. If you go to Olympos at that time, you can see the magic moments. Even just one hatched caretta caretta is enough to make this place special but Olympos is much more.

There is no business on Olympos Beach. Such precautions have been taken to prevent damage to caretta carettas. Therefore, you should be prepared to go to the beach. You can get a folding chair and a small umbrella. The bottom of the sea with stones makes water clearer. That will be impressive for you. If you are going to stay in Olympos for a few days, it will be much more advantageous to get a card for 10 times-entrance to the beach. The single card just for one time-entrance is more expensive. Instead of paying 20 TL to a single card, you can use the beach with 30 TL for each time with the multi card.

Have you ever heard Adrasan Beach?

antalya adrasan suluada

The beauty in Olympos will impress you more, but you should also visit Adrasan Beach which is only 25 minutes away. You can find the high-quality accommodation hostel services like in Olympos along the shore. The whole beach is made up of sand which allows you to sunbath comfortably. When you arrive at the beach you can rent a sunbed and an umbrella by only 5 TL.

Visit the Caves of the Sea

Because of the plenty activities to do in Olympos, most people forget to visit the rocks. When you get here, rent a canoe and go on to see the rocks. You have to pay 20 TL to rent a canoe. You can reach rocks over the sea in a short time with canoes to see the caves. You can even see the pink rocks which are very close to the caves. It makes you surprised.

The Ancient City of Olympos and An Unforgettable Experience

During the travel in Olympos, you will see some ancient ruins especially while going to the beach. These are some parts from the ancient city of Olympos. A huge city lies behind the parts of ruins. Be sure to visit these places before you leave Olympos.

Olympos is one of the most important points of ancient Lycian civilization. Also, it is a place where sea trade is intensive. The Port of Olympos, known as the center of the Cilician pirates, was one of the biggest fears of commercial ships in the region. The Port of Olympos known as the center of the Cilician pirates was one of the biggest fears of commercial ships in the region. Although the domination of the pirates was over by the Roman Empire in 43 AD, the attacks continued occasionally. However, after the Ottoman sovereignty, pirate risk has been completely over.

North and South Necropolis

The river passing through the region divides the ancient city into two. The North Necropolis is known as the region where important people live. 113 graves were found here and there was no order in their position in contrast to the graves in South Necropolis. This is also quite interesting for archaeologists.

There are different architectural structures in the ancient city. It can be easily seen if we pay attention. Thus, it can be called a region where people live more.

How much is the entrance fee for Ancient City of Olympos? Opening Hours

You need to pay 20 TL for the Ancient City of Olympos. However, if you buy the mentioned 10 times-entrance cards above, it costs 30 TL.

The opening and closing times of the ancient city are as follows:
  • Winter (3 October - 14 April): Opening: 08:00 Closing: 17:00
  • Summer (15 April - 2 October): Opening: 08:00 Closing: 19:00


Chimera is caused by the burning of the gases in the rocks. This place should not be skipped by the time you come here. The quality of Olympos pension services will make it possible to spend time to visit places. That means to spend time to see Chimera!

antalya yanartaş

You should prefer to come here either sunset or night. When you come here at sunset, you can watch the magnificent scenery over the rocks. Just after dark, you admire the fire that dances in the rocks. But if you have time, you should come here at night to feel the effect of the fire.

Tree House Bungalows

The tree house complex in Olympos has a great influence to make Olympos famous. The bungalows will allow you to feel the peace of nature in your bones. Don't forget to see this place up close.

Visit the Bays in the Region with a Boat Trip

There are many bays around Olympos, and significant parts of them are untouched. The beauty of these coves will amaze you. Some important places that you can visit are Ceneviz Bay, Sazak Bay, Cennet Bay, Suluada and Maden Bay. You will see such places when you search to take a boat tour. The fee for the boat tour is 60 TL.

Where is Olympos? How to go?

Olympos, which is in Kumluca district of Antalya, is located between Kemer and Kumluca. It will be not hard to arrive Olympos which is 85 km away from Antalya city center.

Antalya kent merkezinde buraya özel aracınızla gelmek istediğinizde sırasıyla Beldibi, Göynük, Kemer ve Tekirova güzergahını takip edin. Tekirova’yı geçtikten sonra Çıralı-Yanartaş tabelasını göreceksiniz fakat buradan giriş yapmayın. Çünkü Çıralı ile Olimpos arasında araç geçişi için yol bulunmuyor. Bu tabelayı geçtikten bir süre sonra Olympos tabelasını göreceksiniz ve bu tabelanın belirttiği yöne dönerseniz 15 dakika sonra Olimpos’a ulaşmış olursunuz.

If you want to arrive Olympos with public transportation, you can take the buses from the Antalya bus terminal. These buses will bring you directly to Olympos. Minibuses carry passengers up to the Olympos junction. Therefore, wherever you want to go, you should choose public transportation accordingly.

Where to stay in Olympos?

Olympos surrounded by the Beydaglar Mountains impresses people with its magnificent nature. The accommodation options are also suitable for here and are usually in the form of a hostel. The quality of Olympos hostel services is extremely high. You can have different experiences with different accommodation options such as tree houses and bungalows. Olympos pansiyon hizmetlerinin kalitesi bundan dolayı son derece yüksektir. Ağaç ev ve bungalov gibi farklı konaklama seçenekleri ile farklı bir deneyim yaşayabilir ve doğanın tadını çıkarabilirsiniz.